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Transition of 2020

As time turns and life progresses we are called to continue our maturity in Christ. With this, a group of leaders within our community have felt led to refine our group name, mission statement and vision.

We are pleased to announce that going forward we will embrace our future as 4GOD Gaming. This is two-fold, with the first being related to our origins. The name of Elite Christians was founded through Call of Duty “Elite” and our Christianity. Through our growth into other games beyond CoD and seeking to feel more inclusive (less exclusive) we also feel the guidance to refine our name. The new name carries forward our legacy clan tag of 4GOD and allows an open ended name which creates a more inviting posturing.

Our mission statement has also been refined to include a broader impact as “Bringing gamers together 4GOD”. With our vision to “create a community where gamers can safely connect, grow and share.” We pray you join us and continue to invite others as we mature into our joint future.

Blessings and much love!

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Our Origins

Elite Christians is a World Wide Christian Gaming Community which was formed by BOEAIH (PSN) and RetiredSFC (PSN). Our clan was birthed during the transition from Call of Duty: Black Ops into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

We started out as six guys playing COD Black Ops. When COD Elite was introduced during the launch of COD MW3, the six of us started a clan called Elite Christians. We wanted something that allowed us to show our faith. Little did we know that there were so many people that shared our same desire: to have a community of gamers that loved to play the games and do it without being negative and rude! Within two months, we reached the system capacity of 100 members. I called Activision to see if we could change the limit. That is when I was informed by Activision that we were the first clan they were aware of to reach 100 members! What a milestone!!!

Elite Christians reached level 50 (highest possible clan level for COD: MW3) as a team and at one point was listed as #50 overall on the Play Station Leader Boards for the Heavy Clans. We realized that we needed to create a place where everyone could go and get information and where we could continue “Spreading the Word of God One Game at a Time”.

We have faith that this site will become a place for every gamer to come together in an honorable and respectable way. We hope to be a light in the gaming community. Currently, we are found on the PlayStation Network (PS3 and PS4), Xbox Live (360 and Xbox1), mobile devices (Clash of Clans, etc) and social media (FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, etc).

As a clan we do not exclude players for reasons such as competitive stats, race, age or gender; however, we do require that you are a team player and respectful of leadership.

If you ever need to contact a leader or have any questions at all about anything feel free to use the Contact Us page and a leader/Admin of Elite Christians will get back to you within 48 hours.

Within our Contact Us page we have a spot that you can submit a prayer request. When you submit your prayer request you can indicate if you want it published to the community. Otherwise, our prayer team will keep your request confidential.

Ensure you read through the Code of Conduct as it is very important and informs you of our standards and game play ethics.

We strongly recommend that you also read and post in the forums. This is great way to connect with other Elite Christians members and learn new information about your console, game, teammates and other great things!