Clash of Clans rules for Elite Christians

Clash of Clans: Rules

  • These rules will be updated from time to time, so please check back often.

  • HAVE FUN !!!

  • We war twice a week. Searches start on Thursday night and Sunday night. If you know that you can’t participate in a Clan War for whatever reason, it’s your responsibility to opt out. Please do this so that we can have full participation in Clan Wars. Plus that way you won’t get the boot for missing both attacks.

  • If you’re going to leave the clan please make sure that we’re currently not in a clan war. If we are, out of respect for the other members of the clan make both attacks before you leave the clan.

  • Donate only what’s requested, especially during Clan Wars.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for stronger troops than you have. We’re all here to help each other get better and we love sharing our strong troops with our lower level members to help them make better attacks. We all started out with Level 1 troops. The better your attacks, the faster you can upgrade your troops.

  • Do not donate to the Clan War Clan Castles unless you’ve been approved to do so.

  • Do not ask to be an Elder or Co-Leader. Those are earned and will be given out when the leadership group meets and decides to give them out.

  • Do not rush your Town Hall. Max out all Defenses and Walls before upgrading you Town Hall.

  • Always have full troops, Clan Castle and spells for your Claw War Attack.

  • Please only attack your matching base rank on your first attack. Example, if you’re #5 then your first attack should be against #5. Then with your second attack you should attack a base that’s already had an attempt by one of our other members who didn’t get 3 stars. Please only attack bases that you feel you can 3 star, but be smart about it. Please don’t just go for the lowest available. If there’s a handful of members below you with attack remaining please allow them a chance to clean up stars on the lower bases.

  • Once we’re in the final 4 hours of a Clan War members can start “Cleaning up Stars”. Feel free to grab remaining stars on the map that you feel you can “3 Star”.

  • HAVE FUN !!!

Clash of Clans: Reasons for Getting Booted

  • Multiple warnings for being disrespectful to other clan members.

  • Multiple warnings for profanity.

  • Multiple warnings for donating the wrong troops from what was requested.

  • Multiple warnings for donating troops to the Clan War Clan Castles when you’re not approved,

  • Missing both attacks during a Clan War.

Clash of Clans: Clan War Castle Troop Donations

  • These are the recommended troops to be donated to Clan War Clan Castles. Please only donate either what’s on this list or what someone has specifically asked for. If at all possible we’d prefer to have all the troops in the clan war clan castles to be MAX level troops, but we’re a growing clan and still don’t have a lot of members with max level troops. Once the war preparation day is started please give a few hours for those with max level troops time to donate. Then we can fill in the remainder with troops that are one level below max. Remember that donating to clan war castles DOESN’T help you with your “Friends In Need” challenge and DOESN’T earn you any extra XP, so please let those with the qualified troops donate. Once you have the qualifying troops we’d love for you to help fill the clan war clan castles. If you have any questions about donating troops to the clan war clan castles please post in the chat section of the game and a leader will help answer it. If you want to use different troops please make it clearly stated in your clan war castle request.

  • Here’s our recommended donations that are most effective in making our opponents waste time and troops trying to take them out. However, please follow the requested troops for each base if a member has asked for certain troops.

  • We’re now a Level 8 clan which will add one level of strength to every troop donated to the clan war clan castles.

  • 35 space War Castle: 2 Max Witches, 2 Max Wizards, 3 Max Archers

  • 30 space War Castle: 2 Max Witches, 1 Max Wizards, 2 Max Archers

  • 25 space War Castle: 2 Max Witches, 1 Max Archers

  • 20 space War Castle: 1 Max Witch, 2 Max Wizards

  • 15 space War Castle: 1 Max Witch, 3 Max Archers